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Procurement Policies and Rules

The EBRD's Procurement Policies and Rules are based on the fundamental principles of non-discrimination, fairness and transparency. They are designed to promote efficiency and effectiveness and to minimise credit risk in the implementation of the Bank's lending and investment operations.

Date:06 May 2010
Published: May 2010
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On 6 May 2010, the Board of Directors of the EBRD adopted a revised version of the PP&R which shall be applied to all Bank-financed contracts for which the procurement process was initiated after 6 May 2009.

Should any procurement process have been initiated before 6 May 2010 but after 7 May 2009, the 2009 version applies.

Should  any procurement process have been initiated before 6 May 2009, the 2007 version applies.

Amendment to the May 2010 Procurement Policies and Rules

On 6th May 2010 the Enforcement Policies and Procedures (EPP) of the Bank was approved by the Bank's Board of Directors.

The approval included a revision of Paragraph 2.6 of the Bank's Procurement Policies and Rules to align the PP&R with the revised EPP. The revisions are highlighted below for ease of reference:

2.6 The Bank permits firms and individuals from all countries to offer goods, works and services for Bank-financed projects regardless of whether the country is a member of the Bank. Firms and individuals from developing countries as well as from the Bank’s countries of operations are encouraged to participate on equal terms and thereby assist their own country’s development process. Any conditions for participation shall be limited to those that are essential to ensure the eligible firm or individual's capability to fulfil the contract in question. Clients of the Bank will not exclude a firm or individual from competition for a contract for reasons unrelated to its capability to perform the contract in question unless the firm or individual has been declared, and remains, as at the relevant date, ineligible pursuant to the Bank’s Enforcement Policy and Procedures or unless, as a matter of law or official regulation, the client’s country prohibits commercial relations with the firm or individual's country, provided that the Bank is satisfied that such exclusion does not preclude effective competition for the supply of goods or works required.


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