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Transition Report 2013

Stuck in transition?

Can the transition region ever catch up with the living standards of the world’s most advanced market economies? Economic growth remains well below pre-crisis levels and many countries have turned their backs on the reforms that could put economic expansion back on track. While the region appears to be “stuck in transition”, the latest Transition Report from the EBRD argues that this vicious circle of reform stagnation and sluggish growth can be broken.

Date:20 November 2013
Price: Free
ISBN: 9781898802402

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Executive summary (150KB - PDF)
Foreword (85KB - PDF)
Chapter1: Convergence at risk (312KB - PDF)
Chapter 2: Markets and democracy (301KB - PDF)
Chapter 3: Economic institutions (371KB - PDF)
Chapter 4: Human capital (262KB - PDF)
Chapter 5: Economic inclusion (317KB - PDF)
Macroeconomic overview (359KB - PDF)
Structural reform (319KB - PDF)


Transition Report

Last updated 20 November 2013

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