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Transition Report 2014

Innovation in Transition

Innovation in firms is the key to re-energising growth in countries where the EBRD works. But why do some firms innovate and others don’t? How can firms become more productive? This year’s Transition Report aims to answer these questions by analysing firm-level innovation across the region.

Date:18 November 2014
Price: Free
ISBN: 9781898802426

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Executive summary (261KB - PDF)
Foreword (85KB - PDF)
Chapter 1: Dimensions (3MB - PDF)
Chapter 2: Productivity (1MB - PDF)
Chapter 3: Drivers (1MB - PDF)
Chapter 4: Funding (2MB - PDF)
Chapter 5: Policies (2MB - PDF)
Chapter 6: Outlook (1MB - PDF)
Chapter 7: Reforms (624KB - PDF)


Transition Report

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