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Annual Report


The EBRD’s Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the Bank’s activities and achievements in its region of operations over the past year. The 2012 edition demonstrates that, amid economic turbulence and the deterioration of economies, the EBRD remains a strong, resilient and trusted partner in a region that stretches from central Europe to central Asia, the Western Balkans and the southern and eastern Mediterranean. The report describes the transition impact of the Bank’s investments, projects and policy work, highlights its innovation in key sectors and geographical initiatives, and shows how the Bank continues to improve lives, environments and opportunities for sustainable growth in a challenging economic climate.

Date:06 May 2013
Published: May 2013
Pages: 61
Price: Free

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Annual Report online

Time this year we have created a special portal to access all the content of the EBRD Annual Report online. View the report here and let us know what you think.


Cover (447KB - PDF)
EBRD Annual Business Volume (361KB - PDF)
2012 in numbers (102KB - PDF)
President's message (112KB - PDF)
Overview (637KB - PDF)
Activities by sector (1MB - PDF)
Donor activities and policy initiatives (268KB - PDF)
Governance and cooperation (223KB - PDF)
Organisation and staffing (393KB - PDF)

Other languages

Rapport annuel 2012 (2MB - PDF)
Jahresbericht 2012 (2MB - PDF)
Годовой отчет за 2012 год

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EBRD Investments 1991-2013 (530KB - XLSX)


Annual Report

Last updated 6 May 2013

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Financial Report

  • The Financial Report includes the approved and audited financial statements. It also contains a separate statement on the Special Funds resources.


Sustainability Report

  • The Sustainability Report focuses on the Bank’s impact on the people and environment in its countries of operations and describes how the Bank operates internally.


Donor Report

  • The Donor Report provides an update on the role of donor support in helping to prepare the way for Bank projects, foster reform and improve the investment climate.