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The EBRD produces a wide range of publications, from corporate reports and research papers to brochures, newsletters and factsheets, that provide valuable insight into what we do, how we work and the countries where we operate.  

All of our publications are available free of charge and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Printed copies can also be ordered.

  • Flagship reports

    Our key publications are the Annual Report, Transition Report, Donor Report and Sustainability Report.

  • Factsheets

    At-a-glance overviews of our work in 29 countries and a number of business sectors.

  • Policies

    Clear guidelines govern all aspects of our work and are made available here.

  • Newsletters and journals

    Updates on activities from our CSO and legal reform teams.

  • Brochures

    Our brochures cover a range of topics relating to countries, sectors and initiatives.

  • Special reports

    A set of co-authored publications and external reports.

  • Guides

    Topics include sound business standards, overview on our financing approach and secured transactions.

  • Institutional documents

    Documentation on the political and ethical aspects of our mandate.

  • Essays and glossaries

    Personal views on life in our region and a glossary of terms.

  • Working papers

    Peer-reviewed studies on issues facing countries in central and eastern Europe.