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Life in Transition Survey (LITS)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development seeks to foster the transition to an open market-oriented economy and to promote private and entrepreneurial initiative in central eastern Europe and the Baltic states, south-eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia. To perform this task effectively, the Bank needs to analyse and understand how transition has affected the lives of people in the region, and what their views are on issues such as democracy, the role of the state, and prospects for the future. The EBRD, in collaboration with the World Bank, has carried out two surveys one in 2006 and one in late 2010, of up to 40,000 individuals across the region in order to address these issues. Two publications have been produced which summarise some of the main results of this survey and to share these results with our partners.

Life in Transition Survey II: After the crisis

The Life in Transition Survey II, conducted jointly by the EBRD and the World Bank in late 2010, surveyed almost 39,000 households in 34 countries, mainly in the former communist east, the region of the world that suffered most severely from the crisis.


DTA format (200MB - DTA) which can be opened in Stata.
A version in CSV format will be available in due course.
Questionnaire (161KB - PDF)
Charts for individual countries can be found on the assessment pages listed on the publication page.
Technical Report (4MB - PDF)

This information is free for use in a non-commercial context but the EBRD must be credited as the source. If you wish to use this in a commercial context please contact permissions@ebrd.com.

Chief Economist's presentation (5MB - PDF)
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Life in Transition Survey I: A survey of people’s experiences and attitudes

The Life in Transition Survey I, conducted jointly by the EBRD and the World Bank in 2006, surveyed almost 29,000 individuals across 29 countries to assess public attitudes, well-being and the impact of economic and political change. This publication summarises some of the main results of this survey.


Stata format (7MB - ZIP)
CSV format (6MB - ZIP)
Questionnaire (241KB - PDF)
A brief report on observations, experiences and methodology (2MB - PDF)

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Life in Transition II

Life in Transition I