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Speeches and articles

Speeches by EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti

11 October 2014

EBRD in SEMED: Transition to Transition
Islamic Development Bank, Washington DC

17 November 2014

Tajikistan: Time to focus on the private sector
Consultative Council on the Investment Climate, Dushanbe

2 October 2014
The EBRD is ‘a Bank which delivers impact’
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg
9 October 2014
The New Multilateralism: The Role of Regional Development Banks
Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC
14 June 2014
Kazakhstan is reaching out to the world | Russian
Kazakhstan Foreign Investors’ Council
2 September 2014
The EBRD and ‘the Power of Trust’
Bled Forum, Slovenia
14 May 2014
The EBRD’s "focus is clear"
EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum 2014, Warsaw
12 May 2014
Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Initiative signed today
29 April 2014
Re-energising Growth: Structural Reforms, Fiscal Policy and the EBRD
3 April 2014
Launching the EBRD’s Small Business Support campaign
24 February 2014
EBRD committed to investing in Western Balkans
Investing in the Western Balkans, London
6 February 2014
EBRD pledges support for Moldova as country embarks on path towards reform
4 February 2014
"The EBRD is as determined as ever"
13 December 2013
Growth Challenges and Economic Integration in South-Eastern Europe
4 December 2013
Gender in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean
Trust Women Conference, London
20 November 2013
EBRD Transition Report 2013: "Economic Integration is the key"
EBRD Transition Report 2013 Launch, London
 21 October 2013
The EBRD is "committed to Russia for the long term"
Foreign Investors' Advisory Council, Moscow
12 October 2013
Joint IFI Action Plan for Growth prepares emerging Europe for "competitive and prosperous future"
World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings, Washington DC
27 September 2013
"Unlock the Potential of Gender Equality"
Bridging the Gap Conference, London
24 September 2013
The EBRD is fully committed to Russia and the CIS
Russia-Singapore Business Forum, Singapore
16 September 2013
Call to step up support for Arab countries
Deauville Partnership Investment Conference, London
18 June 2013
My life of public service
Bucharest University of Economic Sciences, Bucharest
13 June 2013
EBRD and the fight against corruption
Anti-Corruption Conference of the International Bar Association, Paris
22 May 2013
Address to the Foreign Investors' Council in Kazakhstan
Foreign Investors' Council, Astana
11 May 2013
Transcript of press conference
EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum 2013, Istanbul
10 May 2013
Speech for the Opening Session
EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum 2013, Istanbul
22 April 2013
The EBRD on Russian Opportunities: Diversifying Investments and Trade Links
US Chamber of Commerce, New York
18 April 2013
Opening Address
Bosnia-UK Investment Conference, London
13 January 2013
Defending Integration, Restoring Growth
Euromoney Conference, Vienna
24 October 2012
Global gas flaring reduction (GGFR) Partnership Forum Opening Address
1 October 2012
Press Conference
18 October 2012
The Future of the European Economy
NBP Conference, Warsaw

Speeches by Thomas Mirow, former EBRD President

 22 June 2012
Western High-Speed Diametre signing
St. Petersburg Economic Forum
26 April 2012
EMU’s Future: 20 Years After Maastricht
Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
19 March 2012
The state of economic transition in Poland
University of Warsaw, Poland
15 March 2012
Where next for the Arab Spring?
London School of Economics, London, UK
20 January 2012
The Food Crisis and the role of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, Berlin, Germany
13 January 2012
Sustainable Finance
Campus for Finance, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, Germany
4 November 2011
Sustaining growth in central and south-eastern Europe
Central Europe Initiative (CEI) Summit, Belgrade, Serbia
20 October 2011
Economic growth in central and eastern Europe: why law matters
25 August 2011
Ways out of the debt crisis
8 June 2011 
World Finance: States Must Innovate. How can regulation be efficient?
30 June 2011
From revolution to reform: lessons from the east for the Arab Spring
6 June 2011
Uncertainty and the economic recovery: knowing how to evaluate risks
6 June 2011
Effective strategies for growth in international markets
31 May 2011
Press Briefing
19 May 2011
Kazakhstan Investment Forum: Opening Remarks
18 May 2011
G-20/EBRD/RBWC Conference on Local Currency and Local Capital Market Development, Astana
14 March 2011
The Special Committee on the Financial, Economic and Social Crisis, European Parliament
21 January 2011
Opening address, annual visit of the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
23 February 2011
Oxford International Relations Society
23 September 2010
Beyond Sovereign Debt: Perspectives from the Crisis in East and West, London
5 October 2010
Eröffnungsrede: „Die Zukunft der russisch-europäischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen“ (German)
1 July 2010
Wirtschaftsforum Hamburg (German)
17 September 2010
International Conference by the Austrian Ministry of Finance, Vienna,
4 June 2010
Speech to the Foreign Investors' Council, Almaty
9-11 June 2010
IIF Spring Meeting, Vienna
13 May 2010
Joint IIF-EBRD Conference, Zagreb,
20 May 2010
Chairing of Achievements and Challenges – Ensuring Sustainable Banking in a Global Context
23 March 2010
Henry Jackson Society, House of Commons
5 May 2010
London School of Economics
4 December 2009
22nd Plenary Session of the Kazakhstan Foreign Investors’ Council, Astana
5 February 2010
Haus Rissen Hamburg (German)
26 November 2009
Georgia Investment Conference, London
2-3 December 2009
Conference on Health & Safety in Mining, Astana
10 November 2009
Association of European Businesses, Moscow
13 November 2009
CEI Summit 2009, Bucharest
23 September 2009
LMA Syndicated Loans Conference, London
9 November 2009
Foreign Investment Advisory Council, Moscow
2 July 2009
Universität Leipzig
24 July 2009
Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna
24 June 2009
Global Borrowers and Investors Forum, London
1 July 2009
British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, The Carlton Club, London
6 June 2009
World  Grain Forum, St Petersburg
12 June, 2009
Kazakhstan Foreign Investors' Council 21st Plenary session, Kostanai
15 May 2009
EBRD Annual Meeting London
22 May 2009
Group of Thirty, Rome

30 March 2009 

Sarajevo Regional Energy Forum, 30 March 2009

EBRD Economic Policy Forum, London, 14 May 2009 27 January 2009
Nabucco Summit of Heads of State and Government
10 March 2009
London School of Economics
4 November 2008
European Parliament, Brussels
23 January 2009
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, London, EBRD Headquarters

Speeches by EBRD senior staff 

10 September 2014
Gaziantep office opening ‘an important step’ for EBRD in Turkey
EBRD First Vice President Phil Bennett, Gaziantep

18 November 2014

10th anniversary of the Petrom privatisation

EBRD First Vice President Phil Bennett, Bucharest

8 September 2014
International Conference “Invest in Tunisia: Start-up Democracy”
EBRD First Vice President Phil Bennett, Tunis
8 September 2014
High growth and key projects
EBRD First Vice President Phil Bennett, Tunis
16 July 2014
Support for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia after the floods
Andras Simor, International Donors Conference
24 June 2014
Building a sound and common energy future
Riccardo Puliti, Euro-Med conference
21 January 2014 
Regional Economic Prospects - January 2014
Erik Berglof
20 November 2013
Transition stuck almost everywhere in the EBRD region
Erik Berglof, EBRD Transition Report 2013 Launch

9 September 2011

EBRD’s Financial Policy and its activities in Central and Eastern Europe, by Jan Fischer, Vice President

19 May 2011
Erik Berglof, G20 Astana Conference
6 October 2010
Jan Fischer, EBRD Vice President, Council of Europe

 10 June 2009
Varel Freeman, EBRD First Vice President, Conference de Montreal
4 Nov 2009
Varel Freeman, EBRD First Vice President
11 July 2005
Lord Robertson, Chairman of the John Smith Memorial Trust
19 Jan 2009
Manfred Schepers, EBRD Vice President, Finance

Speeches by Jean Lemierre, former EBRD President

London School of Economics, 22 Jan 08 Closing Statement, Annual Meeting, 21 May 07
Opening Statement, Annual Meeting, 20 May 07 Financing clean energy conference, 13-14 Mar 07
Closing Statement, Annual Meeting, 22 May 06 Opening Statement, Annual Meeting, 22 May 06
Closing Statement, Annual Meeting, 23 May 05 Opening Statement, Annual Meeting, 22 May 05
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, 17 Mar 05 Finnish-Russian Forest Summit, 26 Oct 04
Foreign Investment Advisory Council, 15 Sep 03 Closing Statement, Annual Meeting, 5 May 03
Opening Statement, Annual Meeting, 4 May 03 The World Water Forum Statement, 16 Mar 03
World Summit on Sustainable Development, 2 Sep 02 Council of Europe Parliamentary Session, 25 Jun 02
Closing Statement, Annual Meeting, 20 May 02 Opening Statement, Annual Meeting, 19 May 02


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