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The Transition to Transition Initiative

The EBRD has launched the Transition to Transition Initiative, a supportive framework for the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED).

At the G-8 summit in Deauville in May 2011, an ambitious new mission was given to the EBRD and other international financial institutions: to assist in the recovery and transition of a number of economies in the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region. 

The Transition to Transition Initiative is a framework within which the EBRD is facilitating and developing a peer to peer exchange of transition and reform experience between the Bank's current countries of operations and countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.

In this spirit and among other activities the Bank is helping to organise a series of events in the region.

Through our broad transition experience, we are in a unique position to bring old and new experiences of transition together to assist the SEMED economies.

The Transition to Transition Initiative formalises this, providing a supportive framework for southern and eastern Mediterranean countries in their steps towards transition.   

The Transition to Transition Initiative events

As the people in the SEMED region get to grips with the challenge of change, they are keen to hear from other countries that have successfully implemented transition.

Therefore, the initial phase of our Initiative is a series of listening and sharing events organised by us and and hosted in various countries in the SEMED region.

The events are a platform for SEMED countries to exchange transition and reform experiences with our current countries of operations.

Through these exchange events and with the EBRD in the role of listener and facilitator, insights will be gained into the differences and commonalities in the transition experiences between our orginal countries of operations and the SEMED region, and what can be learned from these to support the latter.

Events have so far taken place in Egypt and Tunisia, with events in Morocco and Jordan to come.

Focusing on private sector development, the events consist of panel discussions with high-level policy-makers, private and public sector experts and think-tanks.

They include the political and social aspects of transition and themed roundtable discussions about priority sectors in the SEMED region.

Beyond the events

The wider Transition to Transition Initiative will see us continuing to engage with a broad range of stakeholders in the private and public sectors and civil society in the SEMED region, assessing and responding to their challenges in a spirit of shared purpose.

The Transition to Transition Initiative will enable others who have been through the transition process to share opinions, experiences and best practice with those acting for the future of transition economies in the SEMED region.

It will do this by providing opportunities for policy-makers in the SEMED region to build their international knowledge of the transition process in order to inform their discourse at home.

The Transition to Transition Advisory Board

A board of policy-makers from the two regions are providing advice on the Transition to Transition exchanges.

The confirmed policy-makers on the Transition to Transition Initiative Advisory Board include:

  • Kemal Dervis, Former Finance Minister of Turkey
  • Simeon Djankov, Finance Minister of Bulgaria
  • Bozidar Djelic, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia
  • Jan Fischer, Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic
  • Radoslaw Sikorski, Foreign Minister of Poland
  • Valdis Zatlers, Former President of Latvia
  • Gordon Bajnai, Former Prime Minister of Hungary
  • Ivan Miklos, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Slovak Republic

This group will be joined by a set of policy-makers from southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.

For more information about the Transition to Transition Initiative, please contact Bojana Reiner, Adviser to the Chief Economist, reinerb@ebrd.com or +44 207 338 6940.

Last updated 12 January 2012


The Transition to Transition events in Cairo and Tunis were the first of several planned listening and exchange events as the EBRD looks to begin working in the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

Transition to Transition event in Cairo.

Transition to Transition event in Tunis.