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Presentation of the Transition Report 2013: Stuck in Transition?

Date23 Jan
LocationThe Hague

The EBRD will be presenting key findings from the 2013 Transition Report: Stuck in Transition? in The Hague on 23 January 2014.

The 2013 Transition Report notes that structural reforms in most transition countries have stalled since the mid-2000s, reducing their long-term growth potential. The question is how to get transition "unstuck": what can be done to promote reforms that may lead to growth?

To answer this question, the report examines the key determinants of long-term growth potential: development of political and democratic institutions; economic reform and the relationship between political and economic institutions; accumulation of human capital; and inequality. The report investigates the drivers of democracy in the transition region and asks if anything can be done to improve economic institutions even in less democratic political systems.  It also explores why some countries managed to seize opportunities to improve both political and economic institutions but not others.  It undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the quality of human capital in the transition region. Finally, it contains the first-ever attempt to assess the inclusiveness of economic institutions – the extent to which societies provide economic opportunities to its members regardless of circumstances at birth – and compare them with Western European benchmarks.  

Further information

  • This event is by invitation only. For more information, contact Bojana Reiner at reinerb@ebrd.com.

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