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  • EBRD upgrades Albania’s

    clean energy sources


    Albania’s Komani hydropower plant is undergoing a 

    major upgrade which aims to enhance its safety. 

    The EBRD is investing €12.7 million in this project 

    worth over €70 million in which the Albanian

    government and other international financial institutions 

    are also taking part.


    The Komani dam, with an installed power of 600 MW, 

    is the largest of a complex including three hydro

    cascades that produce 65 per cent of Albania’s

    electricity demand.

  • Al Manakher power plant

    opens in Jordan


    Jordan has taken a major step forward to addressing

    its acute energy shortage with the official opening

    of the Al Manakher power station, built with the support 

    of the EBRD and the US Overseas Private 

    Investment Corporation


    The new plant is located 15 km east of Amman and will

    bring new efficiency to energy provision. It will provide

    extra capacity to prevent blackouts at times of peak

    energy use and will secure supplies in response to rising demand.

  • EBRD Know-How

    boosts Morocco’s SITI


    With funding from the EU, the EBRD has helped 

    Société Impériale des Thés et Infusions, a Moroccan

    teabag producer, to work with a logistics expert and

    improve inventory and supply chain management.


    The company is a world leader in its unique field of

    specialisation: luxury muslin tea-bags. Most of its

    production is exported but it needed better logistics

    to back up its global ambitions. 

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