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  • Firms' innovation key

    for emerging economies


    The EBRD’s latest Transition Report focuses on how 

    innovation by firms can unlock the growth potential of 

    emerging economies.


    The report, titled ‘Innovation in Transition’, also draws

    on unique data to examine why some companies are

    more innovative than others.

  • EBRD helps improve Izmir

    light-rail network


    Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir, is expanding its light-

    rail system with a financing package put together 

    by the EBRD and its partners.


    With a growing population of almost four million and

    tourism booming, Izmir needs better public transport

    as an alternative to road traffic.

  • Stadler Minsk expands

    production in Belarus


    An EBRD loan of €26 million has come to fruition 

    today with the opening of the Stadler Minsk plant in

    Fanipol, a small town in Belarus.


    The factory manufactures trains and creates modern 

    facilities for the production of trams and trolleybuses.

    The inauguration represents a highlight in the activities

    of Stadler Rail AG in the EBRD region.

  • EBRD takes stake in

    Bucharest Stock Exchange


    The EBRD has acquired a 4.99 per cent stake in the 

    Bucharest Stock Exchange, demonstrating its support

    for Romania’s efforts to strengthen local capital markets.


    The Bucharest Stock Exchange is currently the 

    largest bourse in south-eastern Europe.

What we do

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development fosters transition to market economies in countries  from central and eastern Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

EBRD Annual Meeting 2015

Our Annual Meeting and Business Forum will next year take place in Tbilisi, Georgia.

More details about the event will be announced at a later date.