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  • Mongolia wind farm

    wins US Treasury Award


    The prestigious US Treasury Development Impact

    Honors award has recognised the EBRD Salkhit wind

    farm project, the first large-scale renewables project

    in Mongolia.


    “The project captures the best of the EBRD: a strong

    presence on the ground; working with local and

    international shareholders; quick decision-making; the

    capability to provide long-term debt financing; and the 

    capacity to manage grant funding,” said Riccardo Puliti,

    ERBD Managing Director. 

  • New framework for mobile

    finance in Tajikistan


    The EBRD is supporting the central bank of Tajikistan

    in creating a regulatory framework for mobile

    financial services in Tajikistan. This new framework

    allows banks to expand their services and non-banks to

    utilise innovative mobile payments.


    “The advance of this new technology has the potential

    to enable the financial inclusion of millions of Tajik

    people”, said Sibel Beadle, Senior Banker at the EBRD.

  • EBRD supports high-

    tech innovation


    The EBRD is providing a €140 million long-term loan to

    Ford Otosan to finance an investment programme to

    expand production capacity and provide greater

    employment opportunities for women.


    The financing will also be used to develop – in close

    cooperation with Turkish universities and suppliers –

    the first Turkey-manufactured engine to comply with

    Euro VI emissions standard.

What we do

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development fosters transition to market economies in countries from central and eastern Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

EBRD Annual Meeting 2014

Our Annual Meeting and Business Forum this year took place in Warsaw.

Its theme was ‘Changing Economies, Changing Lives’ 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain.