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  • EBRD helps upgrade

    Moldova’s road network


    Moldova’s road network is improving and

    exporters can more easily transport goods abroad

    thanks to the EBRD’s partnership with the

    European Union’s Neighbourhood Investment

    Facility and the European Investment Bank.


    Investments totalling €670 million are helping

    upgrade over 800 km of key roads in the country,

    funding expected to have a significant impact on the

    comparatively small nation.

  • The dark and bright sides

    of global banking


    This EBRD working paper by Ralph De Haas reviews 

    the literature on the benefits and risks of global 

    banking, with a focus on emerging Europe.


    It argues that while the potential destabilising impact of 

    global banks was well understood before the 2008-09 

    financial crisis, the sheer magnitude of this impact 

    in the case of systemically relevant foreign bank 

    subsidiaries was under-appreciated. 

  • EBRD and FAO support

    Serbia’s cherries


    The EBRD is working with the UN’s Food and

    Agriculture Organisation to introduce geographical 

    indication status for food products in Serbia, starting 

    with a unique cherry.


    The oblačinska višnja is named after the village of

    Oblačina. Smaller and darker than other varieties,

    it is famed for its unique balance of 

    sweet and sour.

What we do

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development fosters transition to market economies in countries from central and eastern Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

EBRD Annual Meeting 2014

Our Annual Meeting and Business Forum this year took place in Warsaw.

Its theme was ‘Changing Economies, Changing Lives’ 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain.