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Country data

46 million
603,700 sq km

Key developments and challenges

  • The macroeconomic situation remains very fragile. The deteriorating external environment negatively affected Ukraine’s exports, domestic demand contracted after the 2012 parliamentary elections, reserves have fallen significantly, and Ukraine's access to the international capital market has virtually closed.
  • Business environment reforms have stalled. The authorities have been unable to significantly reduce the incidence of illegal corporate raiding. The stock of unpaid value-added tax (VAT) refunds has increased, and overall tax and administrative pressure has risen.
  • The authorities continued negotiations on Ukraine’s approximation with the European Union (EU). A number of political and reform measures have been adopted to ensure that the Association Agreement with the EU would gain sufficient support among EU member states.

Ukraine in the 2013 Transition Report


Our work in Ukraine

In Ukraine we are restructuring banks, modernising infrastructure and promoting sustainable and efficient energy use.


Key facts about the EBRD's work in Ukraine

No. projects


Net EBRD investment

€9.2 billion

Cumulative disbursements

€6.0 billion

Portfolio in private sector



Last updated 30 June 2014

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Chernobyl, a site transformed

Chernobyl in Ukraine is the site of the world’s worst ever nuclear accident. Thanks to the initiative of the international community and together with Ukraine and the active help of the EBRD, Chernobyl is being transformed. The New Safe Confinement will eventually house the destroyed reactor 4 in its entirety and additional funds are being used to decommission the rest of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. 

Our strategy in Ukraine

Ukraine is committed to and applying the principles of multiparty democracy, pluralism and market economics in accordance with the conditions specified in Article 1 of the Agreement Establishing the Bank.

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