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Focus areas

The new government under Prime Minister Fico has committed itself to further fiscal consolidation through a mixture of expenditure cuts and a wide-ranging reform of the tax system. While Slovakia’s public debt remains the seventh lowest in the EU, the ratio of debt to GDP is expected to have doubled to 53 per cent by 2013. Through these new measures the budget balance could reach the EU-mandated target of 3 per cent by 2013.

Deepening financial intermediation and support for SMEs

The Bank’s engagement in the financial institutions sector will focus on further enhancement of the availability of credit finance to the small and medium size local enterprises as well as to small municipalities, with an emphasis on deepening financial intermediation to SMEs in the less developed regions of Slovakia. The Bank will also seek to expand the successful financing programmes implemented through commercial banks providing funding and expert assistance for small energy efficiency and renewable energy investments of private and public sector entities. The Bank will also pursue other opportunities with financial intermediaries on equity and mezzanine financing.

Supporting investments in infrastructure, energy security and energy efficiency

The Bank aims to support the development of and take part in viable financing structures allowing to secure long term financing for projects in the commercial infrastructure sector, through co-operation with other IFIs and private sector participants. On the energy side, the Bank will promote diversification of energy supply with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency throughout sectors to enhance energy security, reduce energy intensity and meet required EU environmental targets set to combat climate change.

Support cross border co-operation and investments of leading local entities in other countries of EBRD operations in order to enhance their regional presence.


Last updated 30 November 2012