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Focus areas

The Bank’s priorities are focused in those areas where the transition gaps remain significant and where the Bank’s finance and expertise are additional to what commercial and non-commercial funding sources can provide.

The EBRD’s activities in Romania will focus on the following operational priorities:

  • Supporting a shift to a more production oriented economy. The EBRD will continue to support the development of the corporate sector in Romania. Through its activity the Bank will encourage foreign direct investment and will support local businesses, both through direct investment and via private equity funds, focusing particularly on value-added sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness and technology.
  • Continuing to support and develop the financial sector. The Bank will maintain its role in supporting the banking and non-banking sectors in order to provide long-term financing and to contribute to market stability. It will also promote further development of the non-banking financial sector and the local capital markets through investments, technical assistance and policy dialogue.
  • Enhancing commercialisation, competition and private sector involvement in infrastructure. The EBRD will seek to expand its activities in the municipal sector by supporting commercial structures for both urban transport and municipal water and wastewater projects. Where appropriate, the Bank will work alongside the EU and will also stimulate the private financing of municipal and national infrastructure.
  • Developing sustainable energy policies and investments. The Bank will continue to support the energy sector with private financing and where appropriate will assist with the restructuring and privatisation of state energy companies. The EBRD will also facilitate Romania’s transition to a low-carbon economy and enhance its energy security.



Last updated 20 March 2012


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