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Moldova strategy

Economic growth in Moldova has recently been driven by remittances from Moldovans working abroad and this will continue to provide substantial support to the economy in the years to come. In general the Moldovan economy is at risk from the country’s over-reliance on the Russian market for exports of agricultural products and a high dependence on external energy.

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A new draft strategy for Moldova is now available for public comment.

The country strategy for Moldova sets out the Bank’s priorities in the country which has now embarked on a comprehensive economic reform programme, following a severe downturn caused by the global economic crisis. The Bank will work with other IFIs, in particular the EIB to rehabilitate and upgrade the country’s infrastructure. For the corporate sector, the Bank will focus on export oriented companies as well as assist in the restructuring of other local companies. In the financial sector, the focus will be on improving governance and transparency as well as broadening the range and reach of financial products. The strategy was unanimously approved.

Last updated 14 October 2010


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    Moldova factsheet

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