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Country data

3.6 million
33,800 sq km

Key developments and challenges

  • Creating the enabling conditions for private sector development. The Moldovan economy still faces significant challenges deriving from a weak business environment and poor corporate governance, which must be strengthened in order to increase competitiveness and attract more investment.
  • Promoting European standards and regional integration. Adopting European standards is essential to enhance the competitiveness of Moldova’s manufacturing and agribusiness sectors. In parallel, improving transport and communications links is vital to facilitate Moldova’s integration into European and wider regional markets.
  • Enhancing commercialisation and sustainability of municipal enterprises. Moldova’s municipal utilities suffer from decades of neglect. Urgently needed capital investments are deterred by the below cost recovery levels of tariffs.
Man in factory, Moldova

Our work in Moldova

In Moldova our areas of focus include banking, food processing, manufacturing, ICTs, retail and property.


Key facts about the EBRD's work in Moldova

No. of projects


Net EBRD investment

€826 million

Gross disbursements

€463 million

Portfolio in private sector



Last updated 30 June 2014

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EBRD pledges support for Moldova

Sir Suma Chakrabarti, EBRD President, has pledged support for Moldova as country embarks on a path towards reform while in Chisinau on the second day of his first joint international trip to a country of operations with EIB President Werner Hoyer.

Our strategy in Moldova

The Bank will focus on creating the enabling conditions for private sector development, promoting European standards and regional integration and enhancing commercialisation and sustainability of municipal enterprises.

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