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Latvia strategy

Latvia is among most advanced transition countries in the EBRD region. However the scale of the impact of the economic crisis on the Latvian economy has exposed areas that require a further acceleration of reforms and where the EBRD can be of support.

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Latvia’s remaining transition challenges include strengthening the competitiveness of Latvian enterprises, further improving the business environment, and completing the privatisation agenda. Addressing these would help the country realise its growth potential.

The EBRD and Latvia

The Bank will continue to support Latvia’s main priorities, which include enhancing capital investment and developing more technology and skill-intensive products, supporting export-oriented manufacturing, and investment in infrastructure. The Bank will also support investments in energy security and energy efficiency, with special focus on the municipal and industrial sectors as well as renewable energy generation.

The EBRD stands ready to provide the necessary support to strengthen the stability of the Latvian financial sector and to facilitate credit recovery, and will support the development of private equity and mezzanine capital financing, particularly for small and medium-sized companies.

Last updated 27 October 2011


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