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Kyrgyz Republic strategy

The Kyrgyz Republic is making progress towards becoming a multi-party democracy. With its many functioning political parties, a relatively free media and a network of active civil society organisations, the Kyrgyz Republic continues to feature well in the regional context.

Strategy (235KB - PDF)

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The EBRD and the Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic is committed to the principles of Article 1 of the Agreement Establishing the Bank. The country is making good progress towards implementation of the principles of multi-party democracy and pluralism through introduction of a parliamentary system of government, election of a multi-party parliament and formation of a first-ever coalition government; however many challenges remain.

The political upheaval in 2010, which triggered a leadership transition but also a more fundamental change in the system of government, came at a significant human and social cost but has put Kyrgyz Republic more firmly on the path to democracy. A transparent constitutional referendum in June 2010, conducted under difficult circumstances, followed by generally free and fair parliamentary elections in October of the same year, are major milestones in democratic development. However, the new system is as yet untested, a presidential election is nearing and the root causes of the inter-ethnic violence in the south of the country – including poverty, unemployment and deeply rooted corruption – are yet to be addressed.

The new country strategy for Kyrgyz Republic is presented in a dramatically different political and economic setting. The political direction is positive, but there are major challenges ahead. These include:

  • Stabilising and developing the financial sector
  • Supporting development of local private enterprises
  • Strengthening critical infrastructure
  • Policy Dialogue


Last updated 8 September 2011