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Country data

15.9 million
2,728,000 sq km

Key developments and challenges

  • GDP growth has been decelerating, but remains relatively strong. It slowed, from over 7 per cent in 2011 to 5 per cent in 2012 and 5.1 per cent in the first half of 2013, year-on-year, against the backdrop of weaker external demand.
  • De-licensing reforms have advanced. The list of activities subject to licences and permits has been reduced by around by 30 per cent, and a larger number of permits can now be issued on a notification basis. The reform complements earlier measures designed to make it easier to start a business and resolve insolvency.
  • The government launched the "People’s initial Public Offering (IPO)" programme. In a pilot placement, a 10 per cent stake in Kaztransoil – an oil pipeline company – was sold to individuals, pension funds and other investors.

Kazakhstan in the 2013 Transition Report

People in Kazakhstan

Our work in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan we are helping to diversify the economy, develop the financial sector and improve power and energy.


Key facts about the EBRD's work in Kazakhstan

No. of projects


Net EBRD investment

€4.8 billion

Gross disbursements

€3.1 billion

Portfolio in private sector



Last updated 30 June 2014

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Our strategy in Kazakhstan

EBRD will assist Kazakhstan promote economic diversification and move towards a more sustainable model of financial development.

In developing the financial sector, the EBRD will work with Kazak authorities and other IFIs to help formulate a sustainable financial model. It will also work towards transforming the infrastructure sectors - pivotal to further economic diversification and longer-term sustainable growth.

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