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Focus areas

As Estonia has been among the most advanced transition countries for many years, the EBRD’s activities have been limited. Over the next Strategy period the Bank’s engagement in Estonia will become even more focused on a small number of priorities, in line with the expected graduation of the country during the CRR4 period (2011- 2015). The new Country Strategy for Estonia, which is expected to be the last before Estonia’s graduation, will therefore narrow the Bank’s focus to two core areas: infrastructure and energy, and industry and commerce.

  • Supporting investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy: Supporting energy efficiency investments particularly in industrial companies as well as investments in renewable energy generation continue to be the Bank’s key priorities in Estonia.
  • Improving the competitiveness of the export sector: To assist in improving exporting enterprises competitiveness through increased usage of advanced technology and to invest in equity and mezzanine funds in order to facilitate further development of the SME sector.
  • Supporting cross-border investments by Estonian companies, particularly in the EBRD’s region of operations, to enable Estonian firms to establish a foothold in foreign markets and benefit from efficiencies that access to larger markets would bring.

Last updated 19 October 2012


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