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Croatia strategy

The continuation of the prudent economic policies and an accelerated implementation of the reform agenda are essential conditions for Croatia to make full use of the accession opportunities and the EBRD stands ready to assist it in this direction.

Strategy (337KB - PDF)

Report on the invitation to the public to comment (64KB - PDF)


Croatia has made significant progress in transition but the process remains unfinished. Although the country is assessed as quite advanced in certain areas, it still faces significant transition challenges in key sectors. The economy is broadly liberalised and exhibits a relatively high degree of sophistication in financial services. There has also been progress over the years on infrastructure reform. The banking sector weathered the financial crisis well and remains sound and liquid. However, the role of the state remains large compared with many other transition countries. Major reforms are still pending in areas such as public administration, labour market flexibility, and land registry and cadastre reform.

Last updated 27 June 2013


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    Croatia factsheet

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