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Our structure

The powers of the EBRD are vested in the Board of Governors to which each member appoints a governor, generally the minister of finance. The Board of Governors delegates most powers to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the EBRD's strategic direction.

The President is elected by the Board of Governors and is the legal representative of the EBRD. Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, the President manages the work of the Bank.

The Executive Committee oversees all key aspects of the strategy, performance and financial soundness of the Bank.

Read how our approach to integrity in corporate governance guides our work both inside and outside the Bank.

The EBRD organisational chart illustrates the Bank's internal structure.
Organisational chart (200KB - PDF)

Profiles of senior management describe the roles and responsibilities of staff working in every aspect of the EBRD's business.



President's Office I Communications I  Internal Audit | Office of the Chief Compliance Officer I Evaluation Department I Banking I Finance I Policy I Office of the Chief Economist I Office of the General Counsel I Office of the Secretary General

President Sir Suma Chakrabarti

President's Office

Director, President's Office/Managing Director Corporate Strategy Hans Peter Lankes
Deputy Director Hannah Meadley-Roberts


Director Jonathan Charles
Internal Communications Lawrence Sherwin
Media Relations Anthony Williams
Multimedia Publications Jane Ross

Internal Audit

Head Ray Portelli
Deputy Head Pedro Reis

Office of the Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer Lisa Rosen
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer Rohan Schaap
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer (Policy and Ethics) Juraj Strasser

Evaluation Department

Chief Evaluator Joe Eichenberger
(Reports to the Board of Directors)


 Organisational chart (225KB - PDF)
First Vice President Philip Bennett
Front office  
Adviser to the FVP Agnieszka Lukasik
Operations Committee Secretariat Holger Muent
Executive Counsellor Gavin Anderson
Head,Small Business Investment Committee Andrew McDonald
Countries of Operations
Managing Director Olivier Descamps
Eastern Europe and the Caucuses
Managing Director Francis Malige
Ukraine Sevki Acuner (Kiev office)
The Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus Bruno Balvanera (Tbilisi office)
Turkey and Central Asia
Acting Managing Director Olivier Descamps
Turkey Mike Davey (Istanbul office)
Central Asia and Mongolia Masaru Honma
Kazakhstan Janet Heckman (Almaty office)
Managing Director Natasha Khanjenkova
Regional Development Arvid Tuerkner
Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness Lindsay Forbes
Government Relations AInna Yabbarova
Central and South Eastern Europe  
Managing Director Jean-Marc Peterschmitt
Bulgaria Dan Berg (Sofia office)
Croatia Vedrana Jelusic (Zagreb office)
Poland Lucyna Stanczak (Warsaw office)
Serbia Matteo Patrone (Belgrade office)
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro Vacant
Romania James Hyslop (Bucharest office)
Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region
Managing Director Hildegard Gacek
Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness Vacant
Egypt Philip ter Woort (Casablanca office)
Morocco Laurent Chabrier (Cairo office)
SME Finance and Development
Managing Director Claudio Viezzoli
Early Transition Countries (ETC) Initiative Chris Clubb
Small Business Support (SBS) Charlotte Ruhe
Financial Institutions
Managing Director Nick Tesseyman
SEMED, Turkey and Ukraine Sylvia Gansser-Potts
Russia George Orlov (Moscow office)
Central Asia, Caucasus and Mongolia Mike Taylor
EU Banks Sylvia Gansser-Potts (Acting)
Insurance and Financial Services Noel Edison
Western Balkans, Belarus and Moldova Henry Russell
Planning and Portfolio Allan Popoff
Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness
Managing Director Alain Pilloux
Agribusiness Gilles Mettetal
Property and Tourism Claudia Pendred (Bucharest office)
Manufacturing and Services Frederic Lucenet
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Izzet Guney
Managing Director Hassan El-Khatib
Equity Funds Anne Fossemalle
Equity Peter Bryde
Managing Director Thomas Maier
Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure Jean-Patrick Marquet
Transport Sue Barrett
Russia and Central Asia Ekaterina Miroshnik (Moscow office)
Energy and Natural Resources  
Managing Director Riccardo Puliti
Natural Resources Eric Rasmussen
Power and Energy Utilities Nandita Parshad
Russia and Central Asia Aida Sitdikova (Moscow office)
Managing Director Kanako Sekine
Operational Planning and Strategy; Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
Managing Director Josue Tanaka
Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Terry McCallion
Operational Strategy and Planning Dan Green
Banking Country Strategy and TC Management Michael Weinstein
Corporate Recovery Kamen Zahariev (Joint report to Risk and Resources)
Business Development Olena Koval


Organisational chart (45KB - PDF)
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer András Simor
Treasury Organisational chart (14KB - PDF)
Treasurer Axel van Nederveen
Deputy Treasurer Isabelle Laurent
Funding Isabelle Laurent
Client Risk Management Grant Metcalfe-Smith
Investments - Credit Neil Calder
Balance Sheet Management Axel van Nederveen (Acting Head)
Financial Strategy and Business Planning
Managing Director Paolo Sousa
Deputy Director David Brooks
Loan Syndications
Director Lorenz Jorgensen
Controller Nigel Kerby
COSO and Operational Risk Management  Julie Williams (Joint report to Risk Management)
Funds Accounting Emma Jesse
Financial Control Terry Cullen
Middle Office Jens Eriksson
Operations Banking Mark Smith
Operations Treasury and Control Chris Swinchatt
Local Currency and Capital Markets Development
Director Andre Kuusvek


Vice President Betsy Nelson
Risk Management  
Managing Director David Coleman
Credit/Transaction Analysis Henrik Lannero
Credit/Portfolio Review Andrea Leon
Corporate Recovery Kamen Zahariev (Joint report to Banking)
Treasury Credit Risk Andrea Leon (Acting)
Portfolio Risk Management Group Miguel Iglesias
Operational Risk and Information Security Julie Williams
Risk Policy and Reporting Zbigniew Kominek
Environment and Sustainability  
Managing Director Alistair Clark
Chief Social Counsellor Michaela Bergman
Policy and Project Oversight Mark King
Project Appraisal Dariusz Prasek

Human Resources and Corporate Services

Vice President Luise Holscher
IT & Administrative Services
Administration Services
Director Jaroslaw Wojtylak
Deputy Director Harry Tsakalotos
Information Technology
Director Jem Eskenazi
Business Systems Development and Support Marco Minchillo
IT Security and Business Continuity Andrew McTaggart
Customer Services and Technical Development Stuart McQueen
Corporate Procurement Tom Husband
Records Management and Archives Anne Crétal
Human Resources
Managing Director Adrian Cojocaru
Interim HR Project Director Janet Rubin
Compensation and Benefits Matt Drage


 Organisation chart
Acting Vice President

Hans Peter Lankes

Executive Counsellor Alexander Auboeck
External Action and Political Affairs  
Managing Director Alan Rousso
External Policy Coordination Mandeep Bains
Civil Society Engagement Biljana Radonjic Ker-Lindsay
Strategy and Policy Coordination  
Director Zsuzsanna Hargitai
Partnerships, TC and Grant Funding  
Donor Co-financing Camilla Otto
Technical Cooperation Dilek Macit
Nuclear Safety Vince Novak

Office of the Chief Economist

Chief Economist Erik Berglof
Research Vacant
Country Strategy and Policy Piroska Nagy
Project and Sector Assessment Andrew Kilpatrick
Project and Sector Assessment, Infrastructure and Energy Elisabetta Falcetti

Office of the General Counsel

General Counsel Marie-Anne Birken
Deputy General Counsel Norbert Seiler
Deputy General Counsel Gerard Sanders
Deputy General Counsel Stephen Petri
Chief Counsels Remy Cottage-Stone, Mary Faith Higgins, Thomas Hammack, Giel Hoogeboom, Paul Kearney, Diana Michaliova, Michel Nussbaumer, Christoph Sicking, Brian Young, Rudiger Woggon
Procurement Jan Jackholt
Operations Administration Unit Peter Robinson

Office of the Secretary General

Organisational chart (60KB - PDF)
Secretary General Enzo Quattrociocche
Deputy Secretary General, Shareholder Relations Milica Delevic
Deputy Secretary General, Board and Institutional Affairs Colm Lincoln
Annual Meetings, Protocol and Event Management Stefania Galbiati-Ball
Language Services Mike Tigar


Last updated 14 October 2014

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