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Environmental policy review

12 May 2008

Board approval of new policy

The EBRD Board of Directors approved a new Environmental and Social Policy and Performance Requirements on 12 May 2008.

2008 Environmental and social policy (706KB - PDF)  


The 2008 Environmental and Social Policy and Performance Requirements will apply to projects that are appraised after 12 November 2008. During the six month implementation period (12 May to 12 November 2008), tools were developed and training programmes undertaken to implement the new Policy and Performance Requirements.

Projects appraised prior to 12 November 2008

Projects that were appraised by the Bank prior to 12 November 2008 will be held to the 29 April 2003 Environmental Policy, or the relevant policy in effect on the date that the project was appraised.

2003 Environmental Policy (150KB - PDF)  

Stakeholder consultation on the draft policy

A stakeholder consultation plan for the Policy Revision was prepared in 2007 and posted on the EBRD website for comments and information.

Full consultation and disclosure plan (40KB - PDF)  

This plan was implemented in 2007 – 2008. The first document disclosed in autumn 2007 for public consultation was an Issues paper (73KB - PDF) , outlining key topics to be considered as part of the process. The Bank also held a number of meetings on specific topics with relevant experts and organisations, including other financial institutions, the World Health Organisation, the International Labour Organisation, and Indigenous Peoples' representatives.

A draft Environmental and Social Policy was posted on the website in English and Russian for 45 days public comment period. A client survey was undertaken and public meetings were held in six locations (Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, Tbilisi, Bishkek, and London).

A summary of public consultation on the policy review and revision process was prepared, along with management responses to the comments.

Summary of public comments (581KB - PDF)  

A translation process into local languages in the Bank’s region of operations began in mid 2008 and will be undertaken over a period of years. 

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