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EBRD’s Commitment to Counter the Financing of Terrorism

The EBRD will not provide financing or award any contract for the supply of goods, works or services to any person or entity that, according to the UN Security Council and/or the counter-terrorism subsidiary bodies of the Security Council, is or may be supporting terrorist activities.

As part of its commitment to counter the financing of terrorism, the EBRD performs extensive due diligence on the integrity of all prospective EBRD clients.  This due diligence includes, inter alia, checks against international sanctions, the identification of beneficial owners,  and an extensive assessment of the reputation and integrity of key stakeholders (including convictions for criminal activities).

In addition, the Bank, having observer status, regularly attends the meetings of the Financial Actions Task Force,  an inter-governmental body whose purpose is the development and promotion of national and international policies to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Under the Bank’s Policy on Domiciliation of EBRD clients (125KB - PDF) where a country of operations is a jurisdiction in respect of which the FATF has released a public statement formally calling its members to consider the risks arising from the deficiencies associated with that jurisdiction, any project that involves a project entity, an intermediate entity or a controlling entity established in that jurisdiction is referred to the Bank’s Office of the Chief Compliance Officer and must  undergo heightened due diligence in order to satisfy the Bank’s Board of Directors that the entities established in that jurisdiction are not being used as vehicles for money-laundering or terrorism financing.

Last updated 25 September 2014