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Russia local office contacts

The EBRD has seven resident offices in Russia - in Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnoyarsk which gives the EBRD a presence in all eight Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

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Moscow office

The EBRD Resident Office in the capital of Russia was opened in autumn 1991. The office serves as the regional headquarters for the Bank. Moscow is also a capital of the Central Federal District of Russia which comprises 17 oblasts (regions): Belgorod Region, Bryansk Region, City of Moscow, Ivanovo Region, Kaluga Region, Kostroma Region, Kursk Region, Lipetsk Region, Moscow Region, Orel Region, Ryazan Region, Smolensk Region, Tambov Region, Tula Region, Tver Region, Vladimir Region, Voronezh Region, and Yaroslavl Region.

Contact us

Ducat Place III
Eleventh floor
6 Gasheka Street
Moscow 125047
Tel: +7 (495) 787 1111
Fax: +7 (495) 787 1122
Email: Moscow@ebrd.com

Some of our staff

Natasha Khanjenkova, Managing Director Russia
Arvid Tuerkner, Director, Regional Development, Deputy Head of the MRO, ext. 238 165
Lindsay Forbes, Director, ICA Russia
George Orlov, Director, FI Russia
Ekaterina Miroshnik, Director, Infrastructure, Russia & CA
Aida Sitdikova, Director, Energy & NR, Russia & CA
Serdar Annamukhamedov, Senior Banker
Inna Yabbarova, Adviser, Government Relations
Richard Wallis, Senior Communications Adviser
Svitlana Pyrkalo, Principal Communications Advisor
Maria Sayamova, Administration Manager

North-West Federal District

St Petersburg office

The EBRD Resident Office in St Petersburg was opened in 1996. St Petersburg is the Administrative Center for the North-Western Federal District which comprises the following administrative units: Republic of Karelia, Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk Region, Vologda Region, Kaliningrad Region, Leningrad Region, Murmansk Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region, City of St Petersburg, Nenetsky Autonomous Region.

Contact us

25 Nevsky Prospect
191186 St Petersburg
Tel. +7 (812) 703 5525
Fax +7 (812) 703 5526
Email: St.Petersburg@ebrd.com

Our staff

Marina Petrov, Head of North-West Federal District
Dmitry Loginov, Principal Banker, ICA Russia
Andrei Donskoy, Principal Banker, ICA Russia
Alexander Rogachevsky, Principal Banker, MEI
Svetlana Sikan, Principal Banker, ICA Russia

Urals Federal District

Yekaterinburg office

The EBRD Resident Office in Yekaterinburg was established in 1996 to be the first contact point for the local business community in the Urals, one of the most economically developed regions of Russia. Yekaterinburg is the Administrative Center of the Urals Federal District that comprises the following administrative units: Kurgan Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Tumen Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Khanty-Mansiisky Autonomous District-Yugra; Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District.

Contact us

Office #1106
11th floor
Kuibysheva 44D
Yekaterinburg, 620026,
Tel: +7 343 310 00 60
Fax: +7 343 310 00 62
Email: Ekaterinburg@ebrd.com

Our staff

Evgeny Ofrikhter, Head of Urals Federal District
Oksana Lonshakova, Principal Banker, ICA Russia
Sebastian Pieta, Associate Banker
Maria Sannikova, Senior Administrative Officer
Anna Smirnova, Senior Secretary

Jeff Ferry, Head of SBS Regional Programme in Russia
Elena Diakova, SBS, Project Specialist
Anton Gervasyev, SBS, Project Specialist
Dasha Tarnovskaya, SBS, Administrator

Far Eastern Federal District

Vladivostok office

The EBRD Office in Vladivostok was established in December of 1995. The office facilitates EBRD activities in the Russian Far Eastern District. Vladivostok is the Administrative Center of Primorye (Maritime Region). The official Administrative Center for the Far Eastern Federal District is Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk Territory). Far East comprises 9 administrative units: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Magadan Region, Chukotka Autonomous Area, Kamchatka Region, Amur Region, Khabarovsk Territory, Sakhalin Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Primorye (Maritime Territory).

Contact us

Office 502
46 Verhnerportovaya Street
690003 Vladivostok
Tel: +7 4232 51 77 66
Fax: +7 4232 51 77 67
Email: Vladivostok@ebrd.com

Our staff

Alexander Filkine, Head of Far Eastern Federal District
Tatiana Goriachkina, Senior Administrative Officer
Maria Karikova, SBS Senior Project Specialist
Irina Vorobyeva, SBS, Project Specialist

Volga Federal District

Samara office

The EBRD Resident Office in Samara was established in 2007. Samara belongs to the economically most advanced regions in Russia with large corporations of nationwide significance in the automotive, petrochemical, metal and oil&gas industry. The Samara RO is the first contact point for the business community in the Volga Federal District which comprises the following administrative units: Samara Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Permskiy Krai, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Bashkortostan, Saratov Region, Orenburg Region, Kirov Region, Penza Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Republic of Udmurtia, Republic of Chuvashia, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Mari-El.

Contact us

Office 507
Ul. Chapaevskaya 201
443010 Samara
Tel: +7 846 378 04 70
Fax: +7 846 378 04 74
Email: Samara@ebrd.com

Our staff

Ekaterina Solovova, Head for Volga Federal District/Head of Samara RO
Alexey Bondarenko, Associate Banker
Oleg Nikolaev, Senior Analyst
Alexandra Lastovka, Analyst
Katya Myroshnyk, Administrative Assistant

Southern Federal District

Rostov office

The EBRD Resident Office in Rostov-on-Don was established in March 2009 to support the operations in the Southern Federal District.

Contact us

Business centre "Kupechesky Dvor"
Office 704
74 Sotsialisticheskaya Street
344002 Rostov-on-Don

Tel: +7 863 204 04 94 or +7 863 204 04 95
Fax: +7 863 204 04 90
Email: Rostov@ebrd.com

Our staff

Vytautas Buciunas, Head, Southern Federal District
Artak Adamyan, Associate Banker
Svetlana Eremeeva, Administrative Officer
Inessa Sorokina, SBS Senior Project Specialist
Denis Torkhov, SBS Project Specialist

Siberian Federal District

Krasnoyarsk Resident Office

Contact us

Business Center “Vesna”
3 “A”, Vesni Str., 15th floor
Krasnoyarsk, 660077
E-mail: Krasnoyarsk@ebrd.com

Tel +7 (391) 276 16 96
Tel/fax +7 (391) 276 16 76

Our staff

Nikolay Sorokin, Head, Siberian Federal District
Natalia Borysh, Senior Analyst
Anna Chekashkina Senior Administrative Assistant

Olga Izranova, SBS, Project Specialist
Marina Kondrashova, SBS, Project specialist

London office

The EBRD staff based in Headquarters focuses on Foreign Direct Investment in Russia.

Contact us

One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
Tel: +44 207 338 6000
Fax: +44 207 338 7199

Our staff

Almaz Toigonbaiev, Senior Banker, ICA  Russia (based in HQ)

Last updated 23 July 2014