The corruption cycle

By EBRD  Press Office

The corruption cycle

New episode of the EBRD podcast available for download 

In a new episode of the Pocket Economics podcast, Nicolas Ajzenman from Sciences Po University in Paris and Jonathan Charles, EBRD Managing Director, Communications, discuss how corruption begets more corruption.

“When you realise your leaders are corrupt, then you start thinking corruption isn’t such a bad thing. So you change your own values,” says Mr Ajzenman.

He also explains why culture matters in the area of corruption and what makes the difference between success and failure when a country is trying to combat it.

Are poorer countries necessarily more corrupt and vice versa? Mr Ajzenman argues that “there is a clear correlation between corruption and poverty.”

So, what can be done to fight corruption? Among other things, transparency is very important. “Countries should be encouraged to release all their data. That’s a good starting point,” suggests Mr Ajzenman.