Integrity and compliance

The reputation and the future of the EBRD depend on the Bank’s integrity. We are committed to promoting integrity, good corporate governance and high ethical standards in all business operations.

The EBRD's Office of the Chief Compliance Officer promotes good governance and ensures that the highest standards of integrity are applied to all activities of the Bank in accordance with international best practice. In particular, we deal with conflicts of interest, corruption, confidentiality and money laundering. 

Financial integrity and due diligence are integrated into the Bank's normal approval of new business and the monitoring of its existing transactions, and we train and advise Bank staff members who are appointed as directors to the Boards of companies in which the Bank holds an equity interest.

Investigating fraud and corruption

The Office of the Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct both within the EBRD and also in EBRD-financed projects. Anyone, both within or without the Bank, who suspects fraud or corruption should submit a written report to the Chief Compliance Officer.

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List of ineligible entities

We maintain a list of entities and individuals which are ineligible to become a Bank Counterparty.

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Project Complaint Mechanism

The Bank’s accountability mechanism is called the Project Complaint Mechanism. This assesses and reviews complaints about Bank-financed projects. It provides individual(s) and local groups that may be directly or adversely affected by an EBRD project, as well as civil society organisations, a means of raising complaints or grievances with the Bank, independently from banking operations.

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Anti-Corruption Report

The EBRD's Anti-Corruption Report describes the Bank’s strategy to promote integrity and prevent fraud and corruption, and highlights the most recent measures taken.

Anti-Corruption Report 2016

Previous editions

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